My perfume collection…


Perfumes are one of life’s luxuries, and so difficult to choose one that is perfect for you.  Here is my current perfume collection, some I picked myself and others were gifts.

ARMANI CODE is a perfume that I have worn for years and I still really love.  This is a fairly light, sensual perfume with top notes of Jasmine and Orange, and low notes of Vanilla and Honey.  A beautiful daytime perfume.

LANCOME LA VIE EST BELLE has a very strong, distinctive fragrance.  You can always tell if someone is wearing this perfume as it is not subtle.  I really like it, but my partner hates it! So I usually wear it when he is away, or when I want to annoy him!! Top notes of Blackcurrant and Pear.  Low notes of Vanilla and Patchouli.

BODY SHOP FUJI GREEN TEA is a light, summery fragrance that has top notes of lemon, bergamot, mandarin and green tea and is lovely and fresh.  Perfect for the summer.

BULGARI JASMINE NOIR is a crisp, light perfume with jasmine as a top note, and a musky base.  One of my favourites.

KIEHL’S FIG LEAF AND SAGE is a mixture of fig leaf and sage, bergamot, citron and lime. An unusual fragrance, that evokes that scent of fresh cut grass drying in the sun, and hot summer days. Lovely.

DIOR’S J’ADORE  a gorgeous floral scent in a beautiful bottle.  A mix of Ylang Ylang, Damask Rose and Jasmine make this a wonderful summer fragrance.

YSL ELLE is my favourite at the moment.  I am on my third bottle and I love this for summer.  A very feminine floral and woody perfume.  

Although I have all these perfumes, I still feel that I still haven’t found the “right” one for me….yet.  When I was in my twenties I absolutely adored Yves St Laurent’s Opium, but now I find it too heavy.  What are your favourite perfumes?  I would love to know.