A Small Haul…


I keep saying I won’t buy new products for a while, but it seems I cannot go into Boots the Chemist without purchasing something.  I tell myself it’s for the blog!

Anyway, today I noticed that Max Factor had a deal for 3 for2 – so that’s a bargain right?

I picked up two beautiful lipsticks from their Matte range.

Matte 05 Nude is literally the perfect nude shade.  Also, although a matte it is very comfortable to wear and not at all drying.

FullSizeRender 317

Matte 25 Blush was the first one I picked.  I don’t have many pink shades of lipstick and I thought that this would be a perfect colour for the summer.

FullSizeRender 313

So, as it was a 3 for 2 deal, I picked up a Creme Puff Blush in Shade 30 Gorgeous Berries. I thought this might compliment the pink lipstick.

FullSizeRender 316

I needed some eye make-up remover, so I picked up some Simple Kind to Skin Dual Effect remover.  This needs to be shaken before use and is great at removing all eye make-up, including waterproof.

FullSizeRender 315

Finally, as I can’t resist a facemark, I added Montagne Jeunesse Sea Splash Peel Off mask. This is a cleansing and revitalising mask, and its blue.  Bet you can’t wait for the instagram photo of this one!

FullSizeRender 314

As always, have a great week and lets hope the sun shines 🙂



Author: Gail Henderson

Hi, and welcome to my blog. My loves are make-up, beauty and fashion, food, style and beautiful things. That just about covers everything! I am a qualified beauty therapist but not practising. I hope you enjoy reading the blog. Follow me on Instagram gailhenderson01 and Twitter @gailsbeautyblog

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