Rapid Lash – A Review …


A few months ago, I was watching a YouTube video from Pixiwoo about a product that enhanced eyelashes.  It seemed a great product but quite expensive at £110 for 4ml.  So I took myself off to Boots and bought a similar product called RapidLash for £36.99.

RapidLash is an enhancing eyelash serum that is applied to the base of the upper lashes at night, every night.  It is Opthamologist and Dermatologist tested, does not contain paragons or fragrance and is not tested on animals.


How does it work?

It contains several key ingredients such as Biotin, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Amino Acids, Soybean oil, Pumpkin seed extract and Polypeptides.

These help prevent the lashes breaking, help boost protein and nourish and improve the appearance of the lashes.


I have been using RapidLash for about 5 weeks and I am really thrilled with the results.

My lashes are very definitely longer and thicker.  I would say that the length is 3-4 mm longer than my previously.  I have not included any pictures of my lashes without mascara purely because my natural lashes are quite pale and it is difficult to see them in a photo.

So far, I am totally loving this product and will continue to use it for the forseeable future.  fullsizeoutput_3b0

Have a glorious week everyone.