July Glossybox


Glossybox have really been delivering the goods over the past several months, and this month is no exception.

A hair conditioner from Palmers, with coconut oil, and who doesn’t like the smell of coconut in the summer.


I have tried this toothpaste before and it is a good toothpaste.  In my opinion, toothpastes are pretty much all similar and claim to do various things to teeth eg. whiten, re-enamel, desensitise etc.  Regenerate is fine as a toothpaste, but it does cost £10 a tube!


This mascara from Oriflame looks interesting, as it says it can curl, volumes, lengthen, separate and define.  If it does all that, than I will be happy.  Watch this space.


Sea Water Hair Spray to get those lovely beauty waves.  Not a product a would use, but I can pass this on to a friend who would love it.


Isn’t this the sweetest brush!  It is very soft and a perfect shape for contouring.


This month, Glossybox threw in a sample of the Hawaiian Tropic sun lotion, so next time I’m on the beach, I will give this a go.


A great box this month, I think it definitely is value for money.