What I bought from Beauty Pie this month …


This month was a about restocking on sone products that I am finding I cannot go without.  The first product is the Plantastic Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm.


This is a product that totally suits my skin and leaves my skin feeling completely clean, but nourished at the same time.  It smells fantastic and removes easily.  I have used it daily since I bought my first one, and I am now on pot three with a spare in the cupboard.


The other repurchase is the Super Active Vitamin C Capsules.  I love these little capsules.  They are a great anti-ageing treatment I use them daily too.


As I enjoyed the Vitamin C capsules so much, I thought I would try the Hyaluronic capsules as well.  I have been using these at night and oh dear, I think I am hooked on these too!  Great for hydrating the skin.


Because I love the cleansing balm so much, I thought I would try the moisture balm in the same Plantastic range.  I was not disappointed.  This balm is beautifully light and creamy, smells great and really moisturises the skin.  Another win from Beauty Pie.

I have to say that I am totally impressed with everything I have ordered from Beauty Pie and I have also upped my subscription to £20 per month.


This is not a sponsored blog